July 19, 2021

Volume Discount

The Volume Discount offer enable to offer a dynamic discount according to the quantity of items purchased, e.g. 10% discount for 10+, 20% for 20+ and 30% for for 30+ items.

To create a Volume Discount offer go to the Product tab -> Volume Discount on the right panel -> Create volume discount offer

1. Add the offer title, subtitle, "Add Variant" button text, where to navigate after the offer was added to cart

2. Add discounted tiers, e.g 10% discount for 10+ qty, 20% discount for 20+ qty, 30% discount for 30+ qty

3. Mark a tier as popular

The volume discount offer supports adding multiple variants using the "Add Variant" button ->

The Volume Discount offer can have be configured to have a discount table on the top. To do that go to Settings tab -> Volume Discount on the left menu -> Misc. -> Discounted tiers table

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