Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trial Zoorix before paying?

Yes. After installing the application on your store you will have 30 days to trial Zoorix.

The widget is not showing. What should I do?

  1. Make sure the widget is enabled and that your store is synced
  2. Go to the Installation tab and follow the instructions there
    * If the Installation tab doesn't exist it means that the installation finished successfully
  3. Check if the displayed items are in stock
  4. To change inventory settings go to Settings -> Global (left menu) -> Inventory
  5. If the widget still not showing, feel free to contact us and we will manually install the widget

How often does Zoorix synchronize with the Shopify backend?

  1. Zoorix automatically synchronizes Shopify backend data every 24 hours
  2. You can also do a manual sync (on the Status tab) after major changes made to your catalogue

Do you support automatic installation on all the themes?

  1. We try to automatically install the widget on all the themes, but there are some themes that are not supported
  2. If you don't see the widget on your store, please follow the instructions on the 'Installation' tab

What are the code snippets of the widgets?

  1. {% render 'zoorix-product-main' %} - the widget under/above the add to cart button (usually at product-template.liquid)
  2. {% render 'zoorix-product-bottom' %} - the widget at the bottom of the product page (usually at product-template.liquid)
  3. {% render 'zoorix-cart-items' %} - required for the cart widget, cart rules & shopify multi-currencies (at theme.liquid just before the closing)
  4. {% render 'zoorix-cart-top' %} - for the top cart widget (usually in cart-template.liquid)
  5. {% render 'zoorix-cart-bottom' %} - for the bottom cart widget (usually in cart-template.liquid)

Do you support cart drawers/popups?

No, we currently support only full page carts

Prices are not updated, what should I do?

Make sure your store is synced (go to Status tab -> Resync button)

Bundle is not working, what should I do?

  1. Make sure your store is synced (Status tab -> Resync button)
  2. Make the bundle was saved

Can I present the slider only for specific products?

Yes, use the source/destination mapping and check the option to 'Show widget only on source products'

Can I always disable a specific set of products in the slider?

Yes, you can use the Sticky list under Products tab

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