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Zoorix Token - What is it for?

Ohad Schachtel April 10, 2022 1 minutes read

As a complete e-commerce sales platform that offers multiple offers type, Zoorix also provides advanced analytics so merchants will be able to see how much value was generated by the app.

Zoorix Token is part of the system that helps the app to know how much value the app generated for the store.

Below is an example of how the ROI dashboard looks like:

  1. 10.44% of the total orders was generated by Zoorix
  2. 3.11% of the $ sales was generated by Zoorix
  3. ROI (Return On Investment) is a staggering 10,484% on a $49.99 monthly subscription

On the left menu, the app presents the following analytics:

  1. Which items were generated by the app
  2. Which product were generated by the app
  3. Conversation rates of the offers

The Zoorix token is not mandatory and the app can still present the ROI data without it. Merchants who want to remove this attribute are welcome to contact and we will be happy to remove the attribute from future orders.

Cheers! 🙌🙌

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