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5 Reasons to Add a Blog to Your eCommerce Website

Iyabo Oyawale July 28, 2022 5 minutes read

Blogging is a powerful way to get into the consciousness of people who need your products as a store owner. It’s a fast way to build respect, earn trust, engage your customers, and build your email list. If you want to grow your business as a merchant, you need to consider the following reasons why you should add a blog to your eCommerce website.

In the past, physical stores offered free food and other freebies to attract people to their store. If you add a blog to your eCommerce store, you’re doing the same thing by offering them valuable information for free. We live in an information era and people are on the lookout for information that would help them run better businesses, live healthier lives, build fruitful relationships, etc.

You can meet these essential human needs with a blog. Your blog is like a value machine. Through it, you can dish out valuable information to promote your business and build your brand.

So, Why Should You Add a Blog to Your eCommerce Website?

1. To Build Authority

You gain authority by sharing content that’s useful to your customers. You position your brand as an organization that cares about the wellbeing of your customers by providing information that betters their lot in life, business, relationships, etc.

To build authority, you’ve got to specialize in a niche. You can’t be an authority in a general niche. You also have to be consistent and provide real value. You’ve also got to build relationships with experts and influencers. No man is an island. You’ve got to build relationships with people who can help you build your business. They can help you spread the word and even get you new customers. 

Authority is scarce nowadays (as many blogs exist) but you can still build it by remaining consistent and providing real value.

2. To Earn Trust

Authority leads to earning the trust of your audience. Just like authority, trust is a scarce resource but you can still earn it by remaining true to your content creation and sharing. When you show up consistently, people will begin to trust you and your ability to deliver what they want.

So many bloggers have earned trust by being transparent (sharing their income reports and life issues), being authentic and original, creating relevant and trustworthy content, and delivering what they promise.

People are watching and it’s best to be a person or business that people can trust by following through with your promises. Applying the information you’re sharing to your own life also helps to bond with your readers. When they know about you, your life, business, family, relationships, they begin to trust you. It feels like being in the same room with you.

3. To Engage Your Audience

Your audience is in need of engagement. They’re not following you just for the sake of it. They’re following you for engagement, entertainment, information, and transformation. As a business blogger, share your stories to make people have a behind-the-scene view of what goes on in your business. You can also share the success stories of customers who have used your product or service.

Engage their senses of sight and sound by sharing creative videos, engaging photographs, well-written text posts, etc. The truth is, people don’t want to be sold to, even though they’re ready to buy when you do your marketing right.

A blog enables you to do your marketing right by sharing information that your audience cares about. Even if you share promotional stuff, they won’t mind, as long as you’re meeting their informational needs.

You can even take it a step further by making your audience a part of your marketing team. How? Just ask them for the topics they want you to write about. They’ll willingly provide it and you can go ahead to fulfill their needs, while marketing your products, in a subtle way.

4. To Build Your Email List

The money, they say, is in the list. Building an email list is a powerful way to grow your business and engage customers. Your email list is an asset that you own, unlike other assets that you have no control over.

Building your email list enables you to grow your relationship with your subscribers. You can groom them to the point where they’re comfortable to buy from you. Why? Not every customer will buy from you at the first interaction. Some of them will need time to see your content, know you, and understand your business before they’re ready to swipe their card.

A blog enables you to build your email list by offering them content upgrades, discounts, or weekly deals. Your email list can become your tribe of people who’re committed to your brand. You can offer them exclusive deals.

5. To Attract People through the Search Engines

The search engines exist to find new content which they can recommend to online searchers. A blog enables you to reap the benefits of search engine optimization (SEO) by writing on the keywords people are searching for. That is not to say you should basically write for the search engines. You should also learn to write for humans by knowing when and how to insert your keywords.

Today, the search engines don’t just rank content based on keywords. They look at other factors like the bounce rate, the content & functionality of the site, and the web page's authority. They also look at the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important the website is. The search engines believe a website is important if it receives more links from other websites. 


A blog is an asset to your online store and you should consider adding one as soon as possible. The rewards far outweigh the energy and time commitment. You’ll build a brand that will stand the test of time and a business that will deliver profits year in, year out.

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