July 19, 2021

What Zoorix has to offer?

Zoorix is all about lifting up your revenue. The app offers several widgets to help you with that.

The slider

The slider is used to cross-sell (add suggested items to the cart). The slider can be shown on the product page, and/or on the cart page. Please refer to Zoorix Slider for further reading.

To enable/disable the slider widget, click on the "Status" tab:


Bundles are used to upsell products. You can define a group of products that are shown together in the bundle widget. If the buyer buys them all together using our "Add Bundle" button, they will get a discount. Each bundle is highly configurable. Please refer to Zoorix Bundles to continue reading about bundles.

To enable/disable the bundle widget, navigate to the "Status" tab, and click the button on the right:

Volume Discount

The Volume Discount offer enable to offer a dynamic discount according to the quantity of items purchased, e.g. 10% discount for 10+, 20% for 20+ and 30% for for 30+ items. The Volume Discount offer can have be configured to have a discount table on the top and also supports adding multiple variants using the "Add Variant" button.


The mini-cart is a pop-up cart that can contain the slider widget with suggested products for the purpose of cross-selling. It also has a feature of free shipping or free discount if the buyer buys gets to a certain spent money threshold. Please refer to Zoorix Mini-cart to continue reading about the mini-cart.

To enable/disable the mini-cart navigate to the "Status" tab and click the button on the right:


The warranty widget is an innovative upsell option. The buyer can add the warranty item to his cart, and get a warranty on his product. You decide the terms of the warranty (1-year, lifetime, whatever you wish). We send an email to the buyer with the redemption link if they break it, and you have a moderation portal in which you can see the image uploaded by the user and approve or reject the warranty request. Please refer to Zoorix Warranty to continue reading about warranty.

To enable/disable the warranty upsell widget navigate to "Status" tab, and click the button on the right:

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