July 24, 2021


The mini-cart is a pop-up cart that can boost you revenue by showing the slider widget in it. It also has a free shipping and free discount features.

To configure the mini-cart, navigate to the "Settings" tab, and then click the "Mini cart" on the left:


There are three options in the "Incentive" dropdown: None, Free Discount, Free shipping. The incentives are ways to incentivize the buyer to add items to his cart.

Free discount

In this incentive, if the user reaches the specified threshold (in your shop currency), we automatically give them a discount on the whole cart.

Free shipping

In this incentive, if a user reaches the specified threshold (in your shop's currency), they get free shipping. In this case, please configure free shipping accordingly in your store admin. This feature is UI ONLY! Zoorix does not configure shipping rates for your store, you have to do it manually.

General settings

Invoke from header

If this is checked, the mini-cart will be invoked when the user clicks the cart button in the header of the page.

Show buttons

Which buttons to show in the bottom of the mini-cart.


Navigate to "Texts" tab, and then click "Mini cart" on the left:

Text templates

There are fields that are templates, it means that we will fill in the appropriate values inside when we render the text on your site.

When you modify the text inside "Free discount unlock discount" and "Free shipping unlock shipping", please leave the "{{ money }}" and "{{ discount }}" inside your text so our widget will know where to insert the appropriate values. For example, the "Free discount unlock discount" will look like "Spend 30.02$ to receive 10$ discount off":

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