July 24, 2021


Bundles are used to upsell products. You can define a group of products that are shown together in the bundle widget. If the buyer buys them all together using the "Add Bundle" button, they will get a discount. Each bundle is highly configurable. Let's see how to configure bundles!

Creating/editing a bundle

The flow of create and edit bundle is the same. Navigate to the "Products" tab, and click "Bundle" on the left. Here you can create or edit a bundle:

Title and subtitle

These texts will show on the product page / cart page:

Discount types

There are several discount types you can assign to the bundle.

Fixed amount

This is a one-time discount on all the bundles items together. For example, if there are two items in the bundle, one that costs 10$ and the other that costs 15$, and the fixed amount is 5$, the calculation is 10$+15$-5$=20$. The buyer will pay 20$ on the bundle. The amount is in your shop's currency.


The percentage discounts is calculated on all the bundle items. For example, if the bundle has two products, one 10$ and one 20$, and the percentage is 50%, the calculation is (10$+20$)x50%=15$. The buyer will pay 30$-15$=15$ on the bundle.


The quantitative discount is a different discount per amount of items selected by the user. For example, if the quantitative discount is 25% per two items, and 50% per three items, and the bundle has three products, 10$, 20$, 30$. If the buyer selected only the 10$ and the 30$ products, the calculation is (10$+30$)x25%=10$, the buyer will pay 40$-10$=30$. But if the user selected all the products, the calculation is (10$+20$+30$)x50%=30$, the buyer will pay 60$-30$=30$.

Display options

You can choose when to display the bundle.

Display on selected items

The bundle will be displayed on the selected product pages, or if this item is in the cart:

You can either add products one by one, or in groups.

Display on bundle items

The bundle will show only on product pages of the bundle items, or when the bundle items are in the cart:

Navigate to

You can set automatic navigation after a bundle has been added to the cart. For example, when a user clicks "Add Bundle", their browser will automatically navigate to the checkout page. There are four options - Default (taken from bundle settings), Checkout page, Cart page, or None (don't navigate - stay on the page)

Location on product page

You can override the bundle settings with a specific display option for this bundle. You can set this bundle specifically to show on the product page in two places - below add to cart button, and/or the bottom of the page:

Cart display options

You can set display options on the cart page:

"Keep showing when all bundle items in cart": Show the bundle widget even if all the bundle items are already in the cart.

Bundle items

Here you can select up to 8 items that are included in the bundle. You can also select specific variants for each item:


When you're done configuring the bundle, scroll up to the top of the page, and click "Save":

Wait for the changes to be published to your site (the blue progress bar on top of the page).

Bundle settings

Navigate to "Settings" tab -> click "Bundle" on the left:

Quick view

The quick view enables the customer look at the suggested product without leaving the product page or cart page.

Scroll down to reach the Quick View section:

Here's how it looks on-site when the customer clicks the slider item:

The customer can add the product directly from the quick view pop-up.

Notification pop-up

Scroll down to the Notification pop-up section:

Here's how it looks on-site when the customer adds a bundle:

The pop-up also includes how much discount was given.


When you're done configuring the bundle settings, hit "Save" on the bottom right. Wait for the changes to be published to your site (the blue progress bar on top).

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